Traditional braces are a great option for patients of every age: young kids, teens, and adults. They’re a tried and true technology that only gets more comfortable and more efficient as materials and techniques constantly evolve.

There’s a reason braces have stood the test of time: control. Control of your comfort, control of your oral health, and control of movements large and small. With braces, we can really dial in your unique physiology and your esthetic concerns, and we can do it in real time/ without digital scanning. The more complicated the bite is, the more true this becomes.

Braces aren’t just silver any more, either. Clear braces are surprisingly discreet, and gold braces are an attractive and fun alternative. Check out these pictures to see what we mean.

Clear Brackets
Gold Brackets

Invisalign, Inbrace, and traditional braces. With Straightline Orthodontics of Albuquerque, you’ve got excellent options. Send us a message or give us a call to have your questions answered or to schedule a free consultation.

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