Is It Too Early for Braces?

Early treatment provides truly amazing results that can change your child’s life. Unfortunately, early orthodontics can also be over-prescribed… and oversold. We’re conservative and data driven, and the evidence-based literature is clear: few children truly need early treatment, but those that do benefit immensely.

Knowing which young people can benefit is something we’re great at. We also make sure you don’t feel pressured into getting your child started too soon.

The American Board of Orthodontics recommends every child visit an orthodontist by age seven because sometimes functional concerns arise before all of your child’s baby teeth are lost. If you or your dentist have questions about your child’s bite or how the adult teeth are coming in, we’re experts with little ones and we’re happy to provide a complimentary consultation to see if early orthodontics, often called Phase I treatment, can help.


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